Myumbrella will be running a number of campaigns, which are featured on both our website and our social networks. Our campaigns are designed to inspire confidence, show loving relationships, show support for LGBT+ people and enable us to be as visible as possible (for those who take part).

Please submit entries to us by either uploading them to our facebook page our email address:

Click on the posters to be able to download them, also please click on the campaign title to see the pictures so far.

#IAmMoreThanLGBT Campaign

The title of this campaign is intended to show there is more than just lgbt people out there, in their jobs, as parents, community members and ultimately human beings who deserve as much respect as anyone else. It allows people to show pride in themselves and that being who they are is not just okay, but normal for a large number of people.

Please feel free to submit your pictures for our campaigns, we’re always delighted to see them.

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